Rob Papen has announced the release of RP-Verb RE, a reverb Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Rob Papen RP-Verb RE

Rob Papen’s RP-Verb Rack Extension features reverb, early and late reflections, ensemble, distortion & EQ modules.

When it comes to a pristine, authentic reverb, it’s the algorithm that counts. RP-Verb is the fruit of Rob Papen’s decades-long study of reverb.

With countless hours of exploring, testing, and tweaking by Rob himself and Jon Ayres, the result is exactly what you would expect: a stunning, musical reverb that brings unmatched dimension and fullness to your mixes.

RP-Verb is “the Reverb” that you have waited years for to use in your Reason rack!

RP-Verb RE is available for the introductory price of 49 EUR / $59 USD until April 30th, 2013 (regular 65 EUR / $79 USD).

More information: Rob Papen / RP-Verb RE