Rob Papen has released updated versions of Predator and Blue, two virtual synthesizer instrument plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Both plug-ins now use the ‘e-license’ Syncrosoft copy protection. This means that you’ll need internet connection during installation. In case you own a ‘Syncrosoft’ dongle, it is also possible to transfer the license to this dongle.

Changes in Predator v1.5

  • Preset / Bank Manager – Manager Screen added, shows all the presets and banks at once. From the preset screen, you can Load, Save, Copy, Paste, Swap, Move (by drag and dropping), Insert, Revert to Original, Revert to Edited, Default, Delete & Rename presets (including Undo). For the bank screen, you can Load, Save, Copy, Create New, Delete & Rename banks, also it creates backup of files when you load / save etc (as .~fx files). Also there is a find function, which shows all the presets in all the banks with the find string in their preset name.
  • Arp Screen – Arp key entry, Tie mode (extended with Toggle 1 & Toggle 2 modes), current arp step is now shown in orange. You can select multiple arp steps using alt + left mouse and Right Click Arp menu allows you to copy, paste, move, reverse, randomize and turn on / off selections (or everything).
  • Increased Default Menu – This allows you to set min / max / mid, random and slight increase / decrease for controls, direct numerical input for controls and direct numberical input for midi latching.
  • New FX – 3 Cabinet simulator types (Fender, Marshall, Off Axis), 11 multi-distort types with filtering + normalization (Atan, Cos, Cross, Foldover, Fuzz, Limiter, Overdrive, Power, Rectifier, Saturator, Square), Auto-Wah Filter. FX also now turn them selves off if there is no input / output for a couple of seconds so reducing CPU usage when Predator is not being used.
  • Modulation – Number of free modulation slots are increased from 4 to 8, and by clicking on the modulation labels for envelopes / LFO & free mods you can know bypass modulators. Modulators sources are increased to add pink / white noise and also we have internal oscillator, so you can use input, osc 1 to 3, total osc mix and filter output as oscillators.
  • Chord Mode – Chord works in mono & legato modes now. Strum timing is added for play back, so you can create strummed chords . The timing of these strums can be set in ms or synced to the host’s tempo.
  • Over-Sampling – Added 32x oversampling level.
  • Vowel Filter – Vowel Filter added, distortion knob used to control vowel.
  • Vocoder Sample Limit – Vocoder sample can be up to 200MB now, due to dynamic allocation.
  • Preset Loading – Reduced the time for preset Loading.
  • Lots of other small changes, bug fixes and lots of new presets from Rob.

Changes in Blue v1.8

  • Fast browser, opens if you use the right mouse button on the preset button.
  • Quick manual.
  • Added soft limiter bypass button.
  • FX Bypass to save CPU when no sound is being produced.
  • Fixes to DC offset.
  • Fixed to midi hold.
  • Fixed Free LFO 4.
  • Fixed initial bar arp starting problem.
  • Fixed preset name problem in Reaper.
  • Plus lots of other small fixes & new presets from Rob.

Predator is available for 149 EUR (included VAT) / 179 USD, while Blue costs 199 EUR (included VAT) / $239 USD. 30 day demo versions are available (account registration required).

Visit Rob Papen for more information.