Rob Papen has announced an update to the Quad software synthesizer instrument.

The update adds Native Instruments NKS support, over 80 new presets, and it now also includes a ‘waveform’ display in the XY fields. The number of slots in the modulation matrix has been increased to 16. This provides you with double the parameter routing options for your sounds.

The sonic palette is huge, through the vast modulation possibilities that QUAD has to offer. The sound sculpting tools start in each Oscillator and are the Phase Distortion and WaveShaper. These tools are brought to life by 2 XY-Pads in each Oscillator, which can be moved through an extensive modulation matrix.

QUAD’s Oscillators are complemented by two top-notch analog-modeled Filters, which have different routing options, an arpeggiator, and two high-quality effects processors.

The Punch 2 hybrid drum synthesizer with built-in pattern sequencer has been updated as well.

The update brings color scheme options for the pads, a tuned menu box added to several User Models, and some new presets created by JoMal.

Using a combination of drum synthesis/samples and the built-in pattern sequencer to trigger beats already made Punch a unique drum machine and loved by many upon its first release!.

Now, by adding even more drum synthesis models, and introducing a totally new main screen which allows you to quickly create new drum kits, Punch-2 continues its legacy to be a cutting edge drum machine… but with lots of extra added punch!

Quad and Punch 2 are available for purchase from the Rob Papen online shop and at distributor Plugin Boutique.