Rob Papen has announced a major update to the RP-VERB 2 versatile reverb effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The update includes different GUI sizes and a new Bank Manager. New features have been added to the ‘Envelope Follower’ enabling you to use a side input, for side-chain control. The ‘Envelope’ and ‘LFO’ sections have also received new features.

During the Nova studio recording sessions in the Wisseloord Studios, Ronald Prent the engineer sent out the analog drum sounds into the room of Wisseloord and recorded the sound using two overhead microphones. This process creates the room sound reflections for the analog drums. This recording technique was used in the early 80’s as the digital reverb was not yet mainstream.

Rooms… Reverbs… since that session in 1981 Rob became a reverb freak. Many decades later with the advancement of computer technology, Rob and genius coder Jon Ayres developed their creative reverb called RP-VERB, followed later on by the next version aptly named RP-VERB 2
Thinking out of the box and using what was learned back in the early 80’s in the Wisseloord Studios is very visual in RP-VERB 2 with the built-in Ensemble FX, Distortion section, and the cutting edge ‘Reverser’ section!

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, RP-VERB 2 is on sale at the Rob Papen website and from distributor Plugin Boutique for $79 USD instead of $99 USD through February 28th, 2022.