Rob Papen has released an update to the Punch 2 virtual drum and percussion instrument.

The update comes with new features and sounds, as well as some improvements to the workflow.

Changes in Punch 2 v1.0.2

  • Pads now have their note name displayed, which makes it easier to track the 24 pads using your keyboard.
  • The BD synthesis models and Tom models include a menu box for setting easier the tuning in note values.
  • The FX page has a clearer display showing which of the 24 pads are playing.
  • New ‘Audition Sequencer’ mode has been added, to control the grooves, breaks, loop/slice in a sequenced way. The ‘Audition Sequencer’ can also be exported to MIDI.
  • New samples have been added. Gongs and also Tablas in the tuning of A and C.
  • New samples in the Slice folder: Tabla A, Tabla C, Small Gong loops and JoMal loops.
  • New ‘Kit presets’:
    • Bank [03 HipHop & RnB 01] Preset ‘UpBeat Tabla A 100bpm’.
    • Bank [04 Filmscore & TV 01] Preset ‘TV Pop 02 103bpm’.
    • Bank [05 JoMal 03] 22 new Presets.
    • Bank [06 Trap 01] 7 all new Presets.
    • Bank [07 Perc.& Drums 01] 4 new Tabla kit Presets.
    • Bank [08 Diverse 01] 2 Gong kit Presets and 2 Small Gong Presets.
  • NI NKS compatible.

Punch 2 is available for purchase for 149 USD/EUR at Plugin Boutique. The update is free to owners of Punch 2 and the eXplorer 6 bundle.

More information: Rob Papen