Roberson Audio has launched a new website.

The website offers three freeware virtual synthesizer plug-ins by Chris Roberson.

Roberson Audio synthesizers

Roberson Audio Synthesizers: RA Mowg, Oddy-Free, and Prophanity

Roberson Audio Synthesizers

  • RA Mowg, a Minimoog Model D clone. From the deep, full-bodied filters, to the mellow analog-style oscillators, to the distortive drive from feedback-looping the output, this instrument can give you the feeling of playing a Minimoog without spending a small fortune to do so.
  • Oddy-Free, an emulation of an Arp Odyssey MkII. Much attention to detail was given in the layout of the signal path to have it behave as accurately as possible. It does have just a touch more umph than most originals would – this particular emulation was based on the “illegal” filter versions based on Moog’s -24dB Low-Pass filter, so it sounds quite a bit smoother and richer but at the same it can produce the harsh metallic tones known from the Odyssey.
  • Prophanity, a Prophet 5 clone. There isn’t a terrible lot to say for the synth, other than one major bug with the unison section. You may notice it isn’t present, and that has been done on purpose. It is a goal for a future release to re-include a unison feature.

Roberson Audio’s synthesizers are available to download as freeware VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Roberson Audio