Roberson Audio updates Prophanity and Oddy-Free to v1.2

Roberson Audio Prophanity

Chris Roberson (a.k.a. Blu Gruv) has released version 1.2 of Prophanity, a freeware VST instrument which aims to clone the Prophet 5, and Oddy-Free, a clone build of an Arp Odyssey Mk.2.

Changes in Prophanity v1.2

  • Fixed some oscillator distortion problems.
  • Massively overhauled filter/preEQ to make it more pleasing and technically correct.
  • Many small adjustments to hone behavior to that which is closer to original.

Changes in Oddy-Free v1.2

  • Numerous internal changes to oscillator structure, including totally different oscillators to begin with.
  • Modified filter to behave differently and a little more “analog”.
  • Removed much pre-EQ in the signal path, making it a much easier to mix instrument.
  • Removed older user patch banks from pack, they became incompatible with new oscillators and filter.

Both Oddy-Free and Prophanity are available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and the download includes a SAVIHost (standalone) version.

Visit Chris Roberson for more information.

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“freeware VST instrument for Windows PC”

Words of the demon lord Mammon, those. Oft repeated words.


I gnash the teeth for a moment, and then I realize that I don’t have to deal with the fecal pith that is Windows and a smile blossoms across my face. ;-D

Plus, Logic Studio has everything in it already, so the need for freeware plug-ins is diminished. Still, it would be nice to see some of these nice emulations (especially the virtual Ensoniq SQ-80) available for the Mac.