Sinevibes has released Robotizer, a “rhythmic audio granulator” that continuously records small grains of audio and repeats them several times, then starting the round again and again.

Sinevibes Robotizer

Each granulator round is triggered in a rhythmical fashion via a step sequencer which is tightly synchronized to the host transport. Robotizer’s main parameters such as grain size and repeats count have wide adjustments and include intelligent new randomization and correlation features – all this goodness makes this seemingly simple plugin capable of producing “robotic” granular effects, complex strumming and gating, never-repeating stutter patterns – and much beyond. Robotizer is precisely controlled or completely chaotic and endlessly evolving – whatever you set it to do.

Robotizer’s graphic interface features real-time waveform displays for dry input and granulator output, giving you a precise picture of how it operates. All elements are color-coded and feature subtle animations, not only aiding your workflow but also making it unusually fun and enjoyable – this is a Sinevibes product, after all.

Robotizer features

  • Real-time audio granulator triggered via a transport-synchronized step sequencer.
  • Variable sequencer rate, swing and trigger probability.
  • Variable grain size & repeats with correlation feature.
  • Intelligent randomization algorithms with natural random number spread.
  • Variable hard-left and hard-right granulator pan randomization.
  • Color-coded control elements with animated transitions between settings.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.

Robotizer costs $29 USD. Until July 20th, 2017, all Sinevibes plugins and bundles are available from Plugin Boutique at up to 40% off.

More information: Sinevibes / Robotizer