Rocktave Universal Synthesizer

Universal is an eight oscillator multi-purpose synthesizer with 7 out effects, voice mod matrixes and a mod matrix for the effects. Also it has 2 step sequencers. Control features such as X/Y controllers, ABCD controllers, unlimited point tempo-synched envelopes and value maps have been used to the full in universal.

Synthesis types include FM, RM/AM, Synch, Physical modelling, additive harmonics, PAM and VWS. Of course these and others can be inter-mixed or separated. Full MIDI support is provided with custom mapping of any RPN, NRPN, CC, Pitchbend, KeyAft or ChanAft messages to multiple targets with a definable curve per target.

Targets can be parameters or internal CC levels. The large modulation matrix section and hundreds of tracking options in various modules allow use of common MIDI levels like Mod Wheel as modulation sources. MIDI fine and coarse is automatically handled for all fine/coarse controllers like portamento, volume and pan. With more than six thousand parameters, Universal is truly multi-mode and flexible.

Key Features

  • 2 New Synthesis types – PAM(Peak Amplitude Modulation) and VWS(Variable Wavetable Synthesis).
  • 8 Multi-Mode Oscillators
  • Harmonics – running or static. Running harmonics with 16 modulation ranges of harmonic amplitudes.
  • Analogue waves – around 60 preset waves for basic mode operation
  • PAM synthesis – A new kind of synthesis which uses multiple low frequency
    oscillators to modulate the peaks in a basic wave shape, creating dynamic or evolving harmonic
  • Dynamic VWS generator – A constantly re-generated wave with adjustable Pulsewidth,
    Skew, Curve, Phase, Speed and length.
  • User defined wave – Draw the wave in the shape envelope editor.
  • Audio input source – Each voice can sample the audio in and use that
    as the sound source for the oscillator. The audio can then be re-pitched
    for different keys so you can “play” the audio input with notes.
  • Detune – 2 detune or celeste waves per oscillator
  • FM – 8 by 8 FM matrix. Multiple functions and modes.
  • RM/AM – 8 by 8 RM/AM matrix. Features multiple modes and vocoding.
  • Vocoder – multiple modes, aliased onto RM, clean analogue vocoder instruments.
  • Synch – 8 by 8 synch matrix
  • String generator – physical modelling guitar and percussion style generator
    with total control over excitation shape, source and filtering, as well as string length
    and multiple feedback filtering function options. Also provides an envelope that
    re-plucks the string every time it’s level crosses from zero or below to above zero.
  • Image synthesis – choose from 6 custom loaded images(bitmap, gif etc…) as data source.
  • Sampling synthesis – Load Delta SP Samplerbanks or import .sf2 instruments.
  • VWS Sampler Synthesis – A new kind of wave of playing audio data. Variable wavetable
    synthesis plays back variable chunks of the sampler instrument sound but the change rate
    is slow allowing new waves with dynamic harmonic content to be created.
  • Pipe Effect – Physical modelling effect for pipe sounds such as flute. Also
    useful for making cello string and effect type sounds.
  • Formant Effect – Synched formant oscillators for expressive formant sounds. Custom envelopes
    provided for formant base, 1 and 2 frequencies.
  • Distortion effect with multiple modes and 2 general purpose functions for signal alteration.
  • 6 filters per oscillator – 4 general purpose and trackable multi-mode filters, 1 source filter and
    an FFT filter with LP, HP, BP, BR and EQ modes.
  • Separate output, internal, fx-send and dry-send volume parameters per oscillator. Use oscillators
    internally for things like FM and RM without actually hearing them in the output, except what they did to something
  • Dedicated Amp, Pan, Pitch, Mod-In, PAM, FXSend, DrySend and Filter envelopes per oscillator.
  • Global Amp, Pan, Pitch, Cutoff, ModIn, FXSend, DrySend, FMAmp, RMAmp and SynchAmp envelopes per voice.
  • Global FFT Filter per voice.
  • Global distortion per voice.
  • Key and Velocity split per oscillator
  • 20 General purpose Value Maps – Translate MIDI Controllers, Key, Velocity, X/Y controllers and others
    for use with the extensive modulation and tracking features of the synthesizer.
  • 3 X/Y controllers – Control or automate 2 parameters or levels at once with the mouse using the X/Y grids.
  • 3 ABCD controllers – Multiple modes, control or automate 4 parameters or levels at once with the mouse using the ABCD grids.
  • Multi-point envelopes – unlimited points up to an hour or more with additional
    features such as speed, attack, release and sustain modulation.
  • 30 General purpose multi-point envelopes – Control virtually unlimited combinations of parameters.
  • LFO Mode Envelopes – Multi point envelopes can output enveloped LFO with
    adjustable skew, curve, phase and speed.
  • MIDI – full MIDI support for all standard MIDI controllers, including Portamento,
    hold pedal, MOD Wheel, Key aftertouch and channel aftertouch. Map any RPN, NRPN,
    Controller, Key Aftertouch, Channel aftertouch or Pitchbend message to multiple
    targets such as Internal CC state and parameters. Each mapped target has it’s
    own customisable curve for fine tuning MIDI control.
  • Polyphony control – up to 32 voices. Can function as mono or polyphonic synth.
  • 2 step sequencers.
  • 2 Modulation matrixes for voice parameters. Choose from a large array of modulator
    sources, including all standard MIDI controllers such as Portamento, MOD wheel, general purpose
    sliders and buttons.
  • 7 Stereo Master Effects – Reverb, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Phaser, EQ and XFilter.
  • Limiter – Limits possible noise explosions caused by modulating or tweaking a synth
    as big as Universal.
  • Effects modulation matrix with six LFO’s.
  • Effects pre and post gain.
  • 3 LFO’s per voice.
  • 2 Master Envelopes with multiple shapes.
  • Pitch – bend, glide, attack and release.
  • Built in presets – with multiple banks available for download.
  • Built in Sub presets – for each effect and master effects.

More information is available at the Rocktave website.