Rocky Mountain Sounds has launched a new sound library that transforms Doepfer’s Dark Energy monophonic synthesizer into a polyphonic powerhouse.

Capable of producing an astonishing range of sounds that are both ethereal and otherworldly, Cosmic Energy features over 150 distinct patches, all centered around the theme of gases found on Earth and beyond.

Imagine being able to create sounds that are reminiscent of the swirling clouds of Jupiter, the ethereal shimmer of the Northern Lights, or the explosive force of a supernova. This is the type of sonic adventure that awaits you.

Despite its monophonic nature, we have used Omnisphere to unlock the full potential of the Dark Energy synth. Using Omnisphere’s polyphonic capabilities, you can now create lush, layered sounds that were previously impossible. The Dark Energy synth has always been known for its thick, rich sound, and with the added versatility of Omnisphere, the possibilities are truly limitless.

The patches in the Cosmic Energy library are designed to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. From the gentle, pulsating waves of Helium to the explosive energy of Neon, each patch takes you on a journey through the vast expanse of the universe. You’ll discover the shimmering, otherworldly sounds of Xenon, the haunting echoes of Krypton, and the deep, rumbling waves of Argon.

Cosmic Energy for Omnisphere 2 is on sale for $20 USD for a limited time (regular $25 USD). A second Cosmic Energy library is available for use with the Nylon Sky Sonic Extension.

More information: Rocky Mountain Sounds