Roland is continuing to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the unveiling of the Inspire the Music: 50 Years of Roland History anniversary book.

In collaboration with renowned publisher Bjooks, the 400-page, beautifully photographed hardcover book celebrates the culture, people, and technology that has shaped the brand over the past 50 years.

INSPIRE THE MUSIC is a fun, engaging, and informative tour through evolution and revolution in beat making, keyboards, pianos, synthesizers, guitar and bass products, drums and percussion, music production, and more. Readers will enjoy more than 70 colorful interviews with world-renowned artists and Roland designers, discussing their relationships with the instruments and making music. The book offers deep insights into the worldwide Roland culture, and a timeline traces Roland’s history from its humble beginnings under founder Ikutaro Kakehashi to its current place as a worldwide leader in music technology.

In addition to the people, INSPIRE THE MUSIC showcases the gear that inspired them. Gear fanatics and curious newcomers alike will enjoy illustrated stories about product lines, popular machines, quirky products, and more. Not only does this book open up the world of Roland to every music enthusiast, but it also explores the history of music technology and how it inspired the music itself over the past 50 years.

Inspire the Music will be available through authorized resellers, and at this summer.

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