Roland has introduced a special edition model in the award-winning Roland home piano lineup. Offering authentic Roland piano sound, an 88-note weighted-action keyboard, and modern digital benefits in an attractive upright cabinet, the budget-friendly RP30 Digital Piano is an ideal choice for first-time buyers. It’s also an excellent solution for schools, teaching studios, houses of worship, and anyone looking for a quality piano at an affordable price.

Backed by the Roland pedigree, the RP30 provides a solid foundation that will last through years of learning and musical enjoyment. The rich, responsive piano sound supports a full range of musical expression, while the keyboard features graded hammer action, escapement, and full-size Ivory Feel keys for an authentic acoustic grand experience. Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals are built into the cabinet, allowing players to explore advanced pedal techniques.

Boasting the elegant appearance of a traditional upright with a lighter weight and smaller footprint, the RP30 tucks neatly into compact spaces. The stylish dark rosewood finish complements a range of home decors, and the cabinet includes a sliding cover to protect the keyboard and a fold-down rest for sheet music or mobile devices.

The RP30 is equipped with powerful stereo speakers that fill the surrounding space with rich sound. And by plugging in headphones, players can mute the speakers and practice at any time without disturbing others. A stereo aux output is also available to connect the piano to an external sound system for broader coverage in a school, church or music venue.

The RP30 includes several additional features to support practice and musical enjoyment. Players can stay on the beat with the built-in metronome and use the transpose function to play songs in different keys without changing the fingering. Along with acoustic piano sounds, there are electric pianos, strings, organs and other sounds to cover different music styles. It’s also possible to layer two tones together and enhance sounds with reverb, chorus and EQ effects.

Using the RP30’s stereo aux input, users can connect a smartphone to play along with favorite songs and video lessons through the piano’s sound system. MIDI over USB is also supported, opening a world of possibilities for exploring composition, notation and interactive learning software on a computer or tablet.

The Roland RP30 Digital Piano is available in the U.S. from Premier Roland dealers for $899.99 USD.

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