Roland TD-12KX

Roland has announced the TD-12KX, the latest addition to its V-Stage family of V-Drums kits.

Targeted to the demands of drummers that perform live and in the studio, the TD-12KX builds on the feature set of the popular TD-12SV kit, adding a larger kick, floor tom pad, and a new stand with improved pad mounts and durability. The editing features of the TD-12 module have also been enhanced for even more flexible sound creation.

The TD-12KX features Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh heads for the kick, snare and tom pads, providing the dynamic feel and playing sensitivity that makes V-Drums the professional’s choice in electronic drums. To enhance playability, the TD-12KX includes a larger 12″ KD-120 V-Kick™ Trigger Pad for the bass drum and a 10″ PD-105 floor tom pad for the floor tom. The TD-12KX also comes equipped with a VH-11 V-Hi-Hat® and three 12″ CY-12R/C V-Cymbals®.

TD-12KX features

  • New MDS-12X drum rack with adjustable arms and ball-clamp holders.
  • KD-120 V-Kick offers natural, comfortable kick feel and stability.
  • PD-105 for floor tom provides a more natural look and feel.
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat compatible with standard acoustic hi-hat stands.
  • Acclaimed TD-12 sound module with hundreds of expressive and diverse sounds onboard.
  • Enhanced V-Edit capabilities allow a wider variety of custom sounds.

More information: Roland / TD-12KX