Roland V-Piano Grand

Roland U.S. has announced the new flagship of the V-Piano® series—V-Piano Grand.

This new instrument combines award-winning V-Piano technology with an innovative multi-channel sound system in a stylish polished ebony grand piano cabinet, providing unparalleled touch, playability, and sound for even the most discerning pianist.

At the heart of the V-Piano Grand is its revolutionary piano component-based modeling technology, which meticulously recreates the complex interactions of the components inside an acoustic piano, resulting in rich, realistic, organic grand-piano sound and performance. Stepping up from the previous generation, the V-Piano Grand’s sound generator has been further improved, and new piano models have been added to the onboard library.

V-Piano Grand features

  • Roland’s revolutionary V-Piano modeling technology in a grand cabinet.
  • Onboard multi-channel sound system for true acoustic grand-piano sound.
  • Deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement.
  • Progressive Damper Action pedal for true acoustic grand-piano response.
  • Elegant, traditional grand-piano cabinet design.
  • New modeled pianos onboard fully optimized for the V-Piano Grand.

More information: Roland / V-Piano Grand