Roland has announced the forthcoming releases of three new patch collections for Roland Cloud, all crafted by top sound designers.

The SH-2: Space Aged collection features 64 presets for Roland’s recreation of the iconic SH-2, the little monosynth that could.

Roland SH 2 Space Aged

Pulling inspiration from space, the patches in this collection take advantage of the SH-2’s arpeggiator function and evoke the constellations with their complexity, richness, and usability. Explore the black hole-like low end of “Synth Shock Bass,” or fall into an arpeggiated asteroid belt with “Gamer Glytter.”

Until June 23rd, 2020, anyone with a Roland account can enjoy the SH-2 virtual synthesizer and the SH-2: Space Aged patch collection for free. Simply log in to Roland Cloud Manager, install the SH-2 from the library, and download the patch collection from the software section.

PROMARS: Curiosity for Roland’s recreation of the fabled PROMARS synth pays tribute to the analog powerhouse, delivering layered tones that give way to fizzy atmospherics, often within a single patch.

Roland ProMars Curiosity

Discover the bubbles of “1981” or the modulations of “Karhornia.” Then, take advantage of genre-tailored basses like “Italobass” for a Moroder moment or “Teutonik Bass” to capture the mood of a Berlin dance floor.

The PROMARS: Curiosity patch collection is free from June 16th to 30th.

SYSTEM-8: Frontiers is a premium patch collection for the hardware and software versions of Roland’s forward-looking SYSTEM-8 Synthesizer.

Roland System 8 Frontier

SYSTEM-8: Frontiers leverages SYSTEM 8’s powerful engines to deliver mysterious arps, heartbreaking keys, and cavernous pads. Patches include the majestic “HOME”, Hydra-7”, “EBM Bass” and “The Darker Pad.”

SYSTEM-8: Frontiers is free from June 25th to July 9th.

The collections are offered with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships.

More information: Roland Cloud