Roland has announced the release of new ZEN-Core Sound Packs, genre-specific collections that provide new sounds for Roland’s ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and ZEN-Core hardware.

Driven by the powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System, Sound Packs deliver everything from vintage analog to fresh hybrid tones. Each pack focuses on a specific genre or instrument type, or features sounds from some of the world’s most exciting sound designers and leading artists.

Roland Zenology

ZEN-Core Sound Packs come in two different types: Production Packs and Instrument Packs, both of which will be dropping regularly.

Available now, Production Packs deliver a curated set of authentic sounds, including a custom drum kit, to explore a certain genre or style of music. Compatible with the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, all the new curated collections below feature 15 expertly crafted tones and one drum kit.

  • SDZ011 LazerQ: Take aim and move bodies with LazerQ—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for producing gritty acid house and dark EBM/industrial tracks.
  • SDZ012 The Whip: Give in to the dark side with The Whip—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for producing techno, dark wave, and industrial tracks.
  • SDZ013 Opener: Live life in the big city with Opener—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for producing R&B and electronica tracks.
  • SDZ014 Panoram: Explore the depths from a new angle with Panoram—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for producing deep house tracks.
  • SDZ015 Classic Groove: Keep it smooth and funky with Classic Groove—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for producing classic hip-hop and R&B.

Roland’s forthcoming Instrument Packs for ZENOLOGY and ZEN-Core compatible instruments will focus solely on a specific kind of sound—like bass, plucks, or pads. The first five Instrument Packs will be released later this month, and previews of all five are provided below.

  • SDZ016 Electro Bass: The place for synth bass—Electro Bass is a ZEN-Core Sound Pack that explores the deep end of the sonic spectrum. This curated collection features 15 expertly crafted tones and one drum kit.
  • SDZ017 Analog Plucks: Say a lot with a little using Analog Plucks—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack of 16 short and sweet plucked synthesizer tones.
  • SDZ018 Synth Strings and Pads: Create instant atmosphere with Synth Strings and Pads—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack that fills the empty spaces and features 16 expertly crafted tones.
  • SDZ019 Metallic Plucks: Create a delicate edge with Metallic Plucks—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack that evokes minimalism and cold beauty and features 16 expertly crafted tones.
  • SDZ020 Transitions and Risers: Get from here to there with Transitions and Risers—a ZEN-Core Sound Pack for connecting your musical ideas.

The Instrument Packs will be release on June 25th, 6pm PDT.

All new ZEN-Core Sound Packs are offered with Roland Cloud Core, Ultimate and Pro memberships and can also be purchased individually as a Lifetime Key for $0.99 USD.

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