RolloSONIC, a fully-modular sound-synthesis environment for Windows, is now free for personal, educational, AND commercial uses.

RolloSONIC is a tool that enables you to create electronic sounds from your mouse movement. RolloSONIC monitors, in real-time, various aspects of your mouse’s position and movement, and then by feeding this information into a fully-modular sound-synthesis system, RolloSONIC is able to create electronic (and other) sounds that are guided by your mouse.

RolloSONIC screenshot

RolloSONIC screenshot

RolloSONIC features

  • Mouse-guided sound-creation – Use your mouse to control and guide the creation, and synthesis, of electronic and other sounds.
  • Fully real-time, fully modular – Tweak the sound-generators and effects while you listen, add and connect modules while it’s sounding.
  • Stand-alone – Can run on a normal computer and works with standard hardware.
  • Simple, one-executable design with optional installation – You can optionally run the program right-away without installation – quick and clean.
  • User-interface is colour-configurable – Make the user-interface fit your style and/or the particular situation and mood.
  • Find, share, download and discuss RolloSONIC Configurations and Sounds – Via RolloSONIC Sounds, you can collaborate with other users on RolloSONIC Configurations and sounds made with RolloSONIC.

Visit RolloSONIC for more information and a link to download the software.