Rossignol Studio has announced the release of Barbariz and Bouch à beat, two instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Rossignol Studio Barbariz

Barbariz is a barrel organ created by Rossignol-Studio for kontakt5 Native Instruments, from a real organ of 36 notes. (Courtesy of the site ODFGRANDORGUE.)

It is composed of four registers with the typical sounds of this kind of instrument. Four octaves C1 to G4 for the three main sounds.

Convolution reverb knob can be operated or not. Each register can be mixed at will which offers a range of this barrel organ of varying colors. The samples are 24bit 96KHz.

Barbariz is available for purchase for 15 EUR.

Rossignol Studio Bouche a beat

Bouche à beat is an instrument based on samples made entirely in the mouth. This is a simple and fun beatbox that allows you to create fun rhythms.

18 24 bit 44.1 KHz to 16 independent groups.* Pan faders and a tone for each sound.

1 volume fader and effects faders 3: 2 reverbs including a convolution and delay for each sound. *Toms are on the same group

Bouche à beat costs 5 EUR. Kontakt 5 full version required.

More information: Rossignol Studio