Rough Diamond Productions baddASS

Rough Diamond Productions has released baddASS, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

baddASS is a single channel bass drum reinforment tool:

This is a very simple synth designed to add oomph to bass drums. Whenever the incoming signal [bass drum] is above the threshhold [sensitivity] baddASS’s gate opens allowing through whatever frequency you’ve chosen [20 – 200 Hz]. baddASS plays the note for upto a second [release] and can perform a pitch bend [detune] in either direction.

baddASS features

  • Sensitivity, when the input rises above the threshhold, baddASS opens the gate to the synth section.
  • Release, the time it takes for the baddASS note to fade out (If you’re using the detune function, this is also the time it takes for the detune to complete).
  • Frequency, to set the base frequency.
  • Detune, bending the note before the end of the release.
  • Drive, level and threshold controls for drive.
  • Click & Boost, controls the attack of the baddASS output (higher click setting -> faster attack), boost is 0 to 30 db.
  • Gate input, input signal is also gated before becoming the dry output.
  • Dry/Wet mix control.

Visit Rough Diamond Productions for more information.