Rough Diamond Productions simpleTON MK I

Rough Diamond Productions has released version 0.7 of simpleTON MK I, a freeware stereo filter with drivestage VST plug-in for Windows PC.

simpleTON MK I v0.7 features

  • Filters: High Pass & Low Pass with filter frequency (knob) and resonance (ring) controls.
  • Shape, switch between 12 and 24 db/octave slope – 24db when lit.
  • Drive (red knob) – amount of distortion & Mix (ring) – fully left = dry, fully right = wet.
  • Signal path: input -> HP -> LP -> DRIVE -> MIX -> output.

simpleTON is available as freeware for personal use (commerical use requires a minimum donation of £5).

It looks like the sideGATE, freqDELAY, deeeeeLAY and sidePRESS plug-ins have recently been updated, so you might want to pick those up as well. These updates include improved loading times, CPU usage, stability and a few more improvements.

Visit Rough Diamond Productions for more information and a link to download simpleTON.