Rough Diamond Productions whiteLABEL bucketEER MK I

Rough Diamond Productions has released whiteLABEL bucketEER MK I, a bucket style stereo reverb & delay VST effect for Windows PC.

Inspired by early bucket brigade machines, bucketEER is a simple stereo reverb effect consisting of 16 delay lines, each with an all-pass filter. Mono or stereo input, with 3 output modes, bucketEER can be used for delay effects and basic reverbs. Sounds suprisingly good considering how simple it is :)

whiteLABEL bucketEER features

  • Pre and Post effect shelving filters.
  • Predelay with control over level and time.
  • Size and Time controls.
  • Width and Mix controls.
  • Central readout of knob values.
  • 17 Randomize buttons – ‘global’ and ‘local’.
  • Freeze Function.
  • Bypass switch for each bucket and slot.
  • Output level meter.
  • 8 presets.

Visit Rough Diamond Productions for more information and a link to download the beta version of whiteLABEL bucketEER.