Rough Diamond Productions autoBED

Rough Diamond Productions has released beta versions of a number of freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

whiteLABEL plug-ins available:

  • autoBED – look ahead stereo ducker.
  • deeeeeLAY – stupidly long delay.
  • freqDELAY – multi band delay machine.
  • sidePRESS – hard knee compressor with virtual sidechain input.
  • sideGATE – look ahead flexi-gate.
  • wavePLAY – 4 oscillator wave-explorer.

The plug-ins are in beta phase of development, so feedback is welcome (check for a link on the whiteLABEL page).

Visit Rough Diamond Productions for more information and links to download the whiteLABEL VST plug-ins.