Rough Draft Audio MuLore

Rough Draft Audio has released MuLore, a simple plug-in presenting the two most common algorithms for companding in telephones: Mu Law and A Law.

These algorithms are used to reduce bandwidth in telephone signals whilst maintaining a decent signal.

MuLore allows the user to constantly crossfade between the two algorithms and the dry signal to get the correct sound sought. It is also possible to deviate from the standard µ and A constants.

The rotational controls are sensitive to vertical movement, and can be used in conjunstion with the control key to gain greater sensitivity. In the top right of the UI is also an ‘LED button’ to swap between compression and expansion.

There are currently no values displayed on the GUI. If available, you can use your hosts default GUI and get the values. Context menus are available on the controls which give access to MIDI learn functionality, as well as some default settings for rotary controls.

Note: This is experimental software, and whilst it works, it cannot be guaranteed for any specific purpose. It has no anti-aliasing, and the nature of the harsh waveshaping will produce enhanced higher frequencies, so test at lower volumes until you understand what is happening and can make your own assessment for use.

Download MuLore here.