rs-met Func Shaper

rs-met (Robin Schmidt’s Music Engineering Tools) has released three freeware VST plug-ins: Func Shaper, Track Meter and Signal Analyzer.

  • Func Shaper is a waveshaping distortion plugin based on a mathematical expression evaluator. You can enter an expression to create the function which will be used as waveshaping transfer function.
  • Track Meter is a plugin to display the current level of a stereo input signal separately for the left, right, mid and side channels and also to display the cross-correlation between the two channels.
  • Signal Analyzer is a combined oscilloscope / spectrum-analyzer plugin for inspecting signals in realtime in the time- and frequency domain.

If the GUI’s on these plug-ins look familiar, you won’t be surprised to hear that Robin Schmidt is the guy behind the Braindoc plug-ins.

Visit rs-met for more information and links to download these free plug-ins.