RS-MET has released ToolChain, a free VST/AU plugin that allows you to connect RS-MET effects in series.

RS-MET ToolChain

The plugin puts RS-MET’s previously released plugins in a single interface and lets you chain them.

ToolChain is a plugin that is actually many plugins in one. It acts as a shell which lets you set up a chain of effects, one processed after another in a series connection. You can also put instruments at the front of the chain. At some point, i was just tired of maintaining a separate project for each of my plugins, so i lumped them all into one.

The download archive contains a Windows VST x64 version, a Mac AU version, a support folder containing presets, sample-content, etc. and a textfile with manual installation instructions.

ToolChain includes the EasyQ equalizer, CrossOver audio signal splitter, EngineersFilter multi filter, FuncShaper waveshaping distortion, Track Meter analyzer, Signal Analyzer oscilloscope/spectrum-analyzer, Channel Matrix 2×2 matrix-multiplier, Pitch Shifter granular-based pitch shifter, and MIDI Monitor, which shows incoming MIDI messages.

Also built in are RS-Met’s Straightliner and AcidDevil instruments, which can be inserted at the front of the chain.

ToolChain is available for download for Windows and Mac (64-bit VST/AU). For 32-bit compatibility the older single purpose plugins are still available.

More information: RS-MET / ToolChain