rs-met Straigthliner v0.6

rs-met has released version 0.6.5 of Straightliner, a subtractive synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in Straightliner v0.6.5

  • MIDI automation implemented.
  • Now responds to sustain-pedal and all-notes-off.
  • Shape slider is grayed out when it does not apply.
  • Changed behaviour of sliders.
  • More presets, more waveforms.
  • Envelope generator re-programmed.
  • Tweaking the ‘Time Scale’ parameter during holding a note is now directly reflected in the sound.
  • Some bug fixes.

MIDI Monitor is a plugin which shows incoming MIDI messages. MIDI-events and incoming audio signals are passed through unchanged.

rs-met MIDI Monitor

rs-met MIDI Monitor – shows incoming MIDI messages

MIDI Monitor includes versions for both instrument- and effect plug-ins (some hosts distinguish between the two).

Visit rs-met for more information and links to download the freeware MIDI Monitor and the public beta of Straightliner.