Ruin Drummm

Ruin (of Ruin & Wesen) has released Drummm, a freeware FM percussion synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

Ruin writes:

I wanted to create a percussion synthesizer that maintained the simplicity of controls of an analog machine, but had the overtones and harmonics that come along with FM. I explicitly left out any sort of filter because I wanted the focus to be on the addition of harmonics as opposed to the subtraction; there is always external effects for that.

The VST has 2 oscillators, one acting as the carrier and the other as the modulator. The Carrier has an attack/release envelope which is routed to the frequency of the oscillator. The Modulator has an attack/release envelope routed to the amount of frequency modulation being applied. Very simple, but very effective. Both of these are mixed into the output vca/env which is another attack/release envelope.

I was considering only keeping sine and noise for the waveforms of the oscillators, but a lot of fun stuff can be done with the other waveforms.

Drummm is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. It was created with SynthMaker and the source file is included in the download.

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