Rumba Codex has released U-he Matchbox 001, a small collection of 40 presets for U-he ACE v1.0 and 25 presets for Bazille v0.3 (alpha release).

u-he ACE

Expect gritty Gothic noise, faded industrial beauty and modernist textures. Think of early Cabaret Voltaire, The Residents, Throbbing Gristle through to TFSOL, AFX, BOC, etc.

These presets can be used successfully as contrasting elements within a music track or as FX for moving image. They also work well as samples for neo-grimehop and post-Japanese-rubberstep.

Demos will be posted here soon:

Matchbox 001 is available as a free download. Donations are appreciated.

U-he Matchbox 001 Download size: 220.00 kB

More information: U-he ACE / Bazille (KVR)