RV Samplepacks has released Build FX & Melodic Risers, a sonically enriched and super functional collection of sounds to help your music ascend into another dimension.

RV Samplepacks Build FX & Melodic Risers

Weighing in at 3.56GB, RV Build FX & Melodic Risers comes with an astonishing selection of effects to use in your tracks, from Multi-Sampled Transitions to Melodic Sweeps, and essential Downshifters to rising upshifters – from an established Producer and Audio Engineer! In other packs you’ll find Sweeps and Transitions come in one form or flavour – not here! James Kitcher has crafted a unique collection featuring 40 Melodic Sweeps, each in a wealth of Major and Minor Keys, to fit not just with one track, but your entire discography!

4 Melodic Transitions follow suit to give you an incredibly expressive selection of sounds for tracks, past present and future. Produced exclusively in the RV Studios, you can be certain of the polished production flair we guarantee to deliver the goods. 31 Sampler Patches are also included, with immediate access to all the sounds in your DAW.

A word from James: “Melodic Sweeps and Transitions is a response to a decided lack of versatile and musical content in sample packs. This pack has been designed to negate the need for radical pitch shifting, and the resultant audio artefacts.”

RV Build FX & Melodic Risers comes at 140 BPM and is ideal for PsyTrance, Tech House, Techno and other electronic genres!

The sample pack costs £29.95 GBP.

More information: RV Samplepacks / Build FX & Melodic Risers