RV Samplepacks is back with LoFi Keys, a VHS-inspired collection of digitally weathered tones, glitched-up and degraded to deliver dusty harmonics and textured sounds to your mix.

This pack full of the sound of the eighties is ideal for Electronica, Synthwave, Glitch-Hop, Breakbeats, Techno, House and other cinematic genres.

RV Samplepacks LoFi Keys

LoFi Keys comes with over 1.5 Gb of content with Loops, Multi Samples, MIDI Files, Sampler Patches, Ableton Racks and Effects Presets to bring ultimate low-fidelity to the mix. 220 loops are included with clean and effected versions, allowing you to warp and distort the original sounds into a-tonal oblivion. Each loop is primed to work immediately in your tracks, adding melodic texture and lo-fi flavour to the proceedings – beta max and batteries not included.

You’ll find 6 custom-made Ableton Effects Racks, with 16 Sugabytes Turnado Presets and 7 Reason Combinators to eternally shape shift your sounds! 68 MIDI loops allow you to program and trigger your sounds immediately, with 14 multi-sampled sounds for more playback inspiration and sampler patches pre-mapped across your keyboard within seconds of download.

A selection of classic keyboards was used to create LoFi Keys – including Casio MT46, SA8 and VL Tone alongside Yamaha PSS120, PSS470 and PSR12. Each sound has been fed through multiple effect chains to create a swirling texture of background noise – courtesy of Reaktor 6, Sugabytes Turnado and outboard FX.

LoFi Keys is available for £19.95 GBP.

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