Red Room Audio has announced the follow up to its popular original Saga acoustic trailer percussion library. Saga 2 – Organic Alien Percussion delivers a vast collection of bizarre abd unique percussion instruments created by alien civilizations.

The team at Red Room Audio asked themselves… what if we discovered an entirely new and untapped set of percussion instruments, crafted from materials not found on our planet? Embarking on a 3-year journey, 8 brave sound explorers scoured the galaxy for these instruments and, with the cooperation of their creators, multi-sampled them for songwriters and composers here on Earth.

Saga 2 contains 194 (over 14GB) atonal and tonal alien percussion instruments organized into 6 familiar categories that Earthly composers can more easily grasp: Auxiliary, Cymbals & Gongs, Large Drums, Medium Drums, Small Drums, and Tonal Percussion.

OK, what did we REALLY do? For our most ambitious sound design library to date, we created a massive template comprising every percussion instrument from Red Room Audio’s extensive collection, as well as hundreds of new field and found instrument recordings. We painstakingly lined up every round robin sample and dynamic layer, and then creatively twisted, layered, morphed and sculpted each one to create re-imagined, otherworldly instruments you’ve never heard before. This multi-sampled approach is what makes Saga 2 unique, as these are not just a series of one-shot sound designs. These are extremely rich, organic and playable instruments you can slot right alongside traditional percussion to add a unique twist to your compositions.

The library runs in the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1+ and also includes WAV files for easy drag-and-drop.

Saga 2 is on sale for the intro price of $99 USD for a limited time (regular $119 USD). Owners of the original Saga can get a loyalty discount, and a bundle both Saga libraries is also available at a discounted price.

More information: Red Room Audio