Salk Signature Sound today announced the introduction of the SS9.5 luxury high fidelity loudspeaker. Incorporating top shelf components, the newest addition to their product line was auditioned for the first time at the recent AXPONA hi–fi show in Chicago.

Salk SS9.5 cherry

The SS9.5 is a 3–way acoustic suspension loudspeaker, the new flagship of the SS line. The tower construction leverages Salk Sound’s expertise in creating high fidelity speakers that also deliver exceptional value. For an accurate, low distortion treble response, the SS9.5 employs an SB Acoustics Satori beryllium dome tweeter. The AudioTechnology 4″ cone midrange driver, another Danish design, is complemented by a premium 7.5″ Satori woofer also from SB Acoustics.

The speaker’s 6 Ω nominal impedance and 86 decibels (dB) sensitivity suggests a minimum recommended power of 150 watts per channel. With a 11.5″ width, 46″ height, and depth just shy of 18″, the SS9.5 achieves an uncompromising frequency response of 25 Hz to 40 kHz, ±3 dB. Each speaker tips the scale at 112 pounds.

Jim Salk, founder and chief designer, is known for delivering exceptional value. Still, customers have asked for more: even higher fidelity with linear phase response, lower distortion and wider bandwidth, especially to extend the bottom octave. When pressed to create a no–compromise design, he turned to dual passive radiators to extend the low frequency response without making concessions to low frequency temporal accuracy. Then, “…with the phenomenal success of our Song3 BeAT model,” Salk said, “we decided it was time to marry Satori’s phenomenal beryllium creation with AudioTechnology’s outstanding mid for a new flagship model.”

Absolute Sound’s Andrew Quint not only enjoyed the “gorgeous” finish of this latest of Jim Salk’s remarkable offerings, he also found their performance to be exceptional, stating that “…it was obvious that these (are) profoundly musical speakers likely to please over the long haul.” Stereophile‘s John Atkinson also liked what he heard, with the SS9.5 delivering “…a big, clean sound” at an “affordable” price.

A pair of the award winning SS9.5 is $9,995 USD for the standard curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak, straight mahogany and satin black finishes. Custom colors and dyed finishes are also available as an option, as are crossover component and bi–wiring upgrades.

More information: Salk Signature Sound