Bud Fried Tower

Fried Products Corporation has announced that Salk Sound has been selected to design and build a new line of high fidelity loudspeakers based on Bud Fried’s legendary work. Salk Sound now holds exclusive licenses to both the Fried and IMF brands first established by Fried.

Irving M. “Bud” Fried was a true pioneer during the golden age of high fidelity audio, creating several speaker designs that are now common place. During a time when most loudspeakers had a traditional paper cone or horn–loaded tweeter, Fried’s designs favored a soft dome direct radiator. His IMF products championed the difficult to implement and costly to execute transmission line approach. He also brought to market the first example of what is now called a satellite/subfoofer speaker system and the first integrated speaker with individual sub–enclosures optimized for each driver. Among his other insights was the establishment of the distinctive Quad electrostatic and Lowther high efficiency loudspeaker brands in the United States.

Pontiac Michigan–based Salk Sound, known for their very high quality designs, no holds barred customization, and exceptional craftsmanship, were identified by Fried Products as the perfect fit to carry on Bud Fried’s legacy. Jim Salk, founder of Salk Sound, felt that the engineering insight and innovation Fried brought to bear on the home hi–fi space was due for some renewed respect and forward movement. “At Salk, we’re very meticulous about all aspects of our designs, from the electromechanical and acoustical engineering, to the fit, finish and aesthetics of our cabinetry. Irving Fried was an innovative and outspoken pioneer, and we look forward to reintroducing his important concepts to today’s new wave of budget–conscious audiophiles.”

One of the engineering aspects that Salk and Fried designs share is an appreciation for particular, high performance transducers from Denmark. “For many years, we at Hiquphon had a close, personal working relationship with Bud Fried,” said Oskar Wroending, manager, owner and sole proprietor of Hiquphon. “We are very excited about the rebirth of Fried Products and look forward to providing our cutting edge tweeter technology in the new Fried designs.”

The Bud Fried Towers are priced at $2995 USD per pair.

More information: Fried Audio