Saltline has released Cadence, Jekyll and Ichi, three freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Ichi is an analog/subtractive synthesizer with twin oscillators . Each sound generator is sent through its own VCO, VCF and VCA modules. The two signals are then sent through identical routable LFOs and finally a delay effect before the output stage.

Saltline Ichi

Saltline Ichi

Cadence is a LFO controlled self oscillating filter effect. The filter has the usual, LP, HP, BP and BR options. The filter’s LFO syncs to the host tempo and can be routed to the cutoff and resonance of the filter. The pan control also has its own sync to host LFO. This plugin works well when used subtly on pads for extra movement and drum beats for more extreme settings and filter sweeps.

Jekyll is essentially a delay module however, the delay rate can be controlled by an LFO which creates a glitchy, “bent” style effect. The signal is then passed through an LFO controlled filter and an LFO controlled Pan. This effect allows strange sounds to be created out of audio files while retaining some sort of rhythm and form.

I had a quick spin with these plug-ins and they are great for getting some quirky sounds. A great example where SynthEdit shines.

Check the Saltline website for more information and links to download Cadence, Jekyll and Ichi.

Thanks to Ted for the info on these plug-ins