Loopmasters has released its sample pack Experimental Techno, a brooding and sinister collection by purveyor of forward-thinking electronic music, Sam KDC.

Loopmasters Sam KDC Experimental Techno

The full extent of Sam’s sonic palette is on display, as atmospheric and mysterious as it is dark and weighty.

Experimental Techno shows off Sam KDC’s 128bpm skillset, with emphasis on depth of field and textural sonics. Twisted, sci-fi synth lines and tight drum work can be used to weave a uniquely dystopian sound, drawing influences from Berlin techno and the bass driven electronica championed by Horo and Auxiliary.

Warped drones and tense pads will provide you a thick layer of atmosphere upon which to lay your other sounds, while menacing saturated bass sounds provide your low end with a fierce grit.

The pack includes:

  • 43 Drum Loops.
  • 28 Arp Loops.
  • 28 Synth Loops.
  • 27 Top Loops.
  • 19 Bass Loops.
  • 5 Kick Loops.
  • 3 Hat Loops.
  • 2 Perc Loops.
  • 235 Drum Hits.
  • 55 Drones.
  • 50 Bass Hits.
  • 40 Fx.
  • 25 Pads.
  • 22 Synth Hits.
  • 156 Rex2 Files.
  • 169 Soft Sampler Patches.
  • 10 Kong Kits.

Experimental Techno costs £24.95 GBP, with parts sold separately starting from £8.95 GBP.

Also available is Electronic Soul by London-based producer LOXE, who brings the sound of a new generation of London soul music.

Loopmasters Loxe Electronic Soul

Inside Electronic Soul, you’ll find 1.5 GB worth of content included, with all the goods you’ll need to shape and form your next track.

Beautiful synth work, processed vocals, deep horns and tumbling arps can be used to weave a thick, harmonious body, whilst a wide array of drum beat styles can be used to punctuate your mix. You’ll find aggressively distorted and glitchy drums alongside more chilled percussion and swung rhythms – married with the included deep bass work, your rhythm section will be sure to sit perfectly.

Electronic Soul includes:

  • 117 Synth Loops.
  • 35 Percussion Loops.
  • 30 Full Drum Loops.
  • 23 Synth Bass Loops.
  • 22 Vocal Loops.
  • 17 Hat Loops.
  • 17 Top Drum Loops.
  • 8 Keys Loops.
  • 4 Kick Loops.
  • 4 Guitar Loops.
  • 4 Snare Loops.
  • 3 Electric Bass Loops.
  • 190 Drum Hits.
  • 97 Synth & Instrument Hits.
  • 39 Bass Hits.
  • 13 Fx.
  • 5 Bass Multis.
  • 4 Synth Multis.
  • 1 Guitar Multi.
  • 284 Rex2 Files.
  • 156 Soft Sampler Patches.
  • 34 Midi Files.

The pack is £29.95 GBP, with parts starting from only £4.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters