Sample Anatomy Future Trap & Glitch

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Future Trap & Glitch and Techno Avant-Garde, two new sample packs.

Without a doubt, Trap, Dubstep and GlitchHop are some of the hottest sounds in the electronic music movement. Our latest offering, “FUTURE TRAP & GLITCH” is a construction kit sound library that will fit perfectly into any Trap, GltichHop, Dubstep or Broken Beat producers collection. This pack sets itself apart through its unique use of twisted textures and glitched out grooves. Combining the raw power of bass and 808’s with cut up vocals, scorching leads and hypnotic melodies.

Future Trap and Glitch is organized by KITS into “Grooves”, a collection of loops that all fit perfectly together, making up the heart of your next track. You can then pull apart the anatomy of these grooves and use them “as is”, or remix and remangle to your hearts content.

In addition there are over 250+ One Shots ready to be loaded into your Sampler of choice!

The Future Trap & Glitch sample pack is available to purchase for $19.95 USD.

Techno Avant-Garde is a collection of sound designed loops and tools.

Weird, Trippy, Abstract, Bent, Broken, Esoteric and Enigmatic, these are just some of the words we could think of to characterize our latest audio offering.

Sample Anatomy Techno Avant-Garde

Techno Avant-Garde is full of an enormous palate of off-the-wall, polyrhythmic, obscure and intentional sound designed loops and tools. Still remaining true to the “Techno” genre, Techno Avant-Garde is a exploration into the “what ifs”.

Techno Avant-Garde is not shy of the usual suspects. This pack contains earth shattering analog sub bass, catchy top line basses for layering, digitally distorted synth lines and leads, evolving and textural atmospheric backgrounds, bright shuffled high hats, front and center snare claps and pops, and a plethora of modern layered FX to give your productions the shine to finish them off plus much much more. We’ve also included plenty of stripped down kick and snare loops for you to start from scratch to make your own grooves.

The Techno Avant-Garde sample pack costs $19.95 USD.

Sample Anatomy has also announced a Black Friday Sale, offering 50% off all its sample packs on November 29th, 2013.

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