Sample Diggers has released a new sample pack by DJ Trax. The Conscious Hip Hop collection merges golden era vibes with deep, textural production to bring one of the finest royalty free care packages of instantly inspirational Hip Hop samples.

The sample pack comes with over 650MB of content that reflects Trax’s deep interest in this style of Hip Hop, featuring warm keys and sax, bass, guitar and trumpet parts that sound authentic, as if you were digging, deep in the crates. The drums and percussion are on point and hugely foundational, with a selection of straighter breaks and some with that classic head nodding swing.

Hip Hop has always been my first love. Back in 84, I was part of a BBoy called The Electro Breakers. As well as breaking, I was also influenced by Scratch DJ`s like Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff + DJ Cheese. I wanted to learn every scratch they could do and practiced for hours.

I have been collecting records since I was 11 and have large Hip Hop and Funk collection. I originally started out as a drummer and so learning about where the breaks came from always interested me. Although I love lots of different styles of Hip Hop, I have always been drawn to the deeper side with conscious lyrics.

Conscious Hip Hop is available at Loopmasters, priced £29.95 GBP.

More information: Sample Diggers