Sample Diggers has launched its brand new Brooding Techno sample pack, a collection of shadowy tones designed explicitly for generating an ominous and menacing vibe.

Sample Diggers Brooding Techno

An expertly fashioned combination of booming kicks, industrial synth sequences and unearthly textures can be found within, all 100% royalty free and ready to drop into your next synchronised assault.

Generating unprecedented dancefloor spirit over 1.52 GB of content, Brooding Techno is saturated with loops, one-shots and sampler patches, with every key part of the sound palette covered. Techno kick samples, bass hits, chord loops, industrial FX and textures, percussion, synth multi samples and much more, all lightly treated to ensure instant usability but still dry enough to give you the freedom to process further.

All loops pulsate at 120bpm, making them perfectly suited to the named genre, but also work well alongside melodic techno, tech house, UK techno and other dancefloor styles.

Also available is Textural Atmospherics, a moody and cinematic collection of perfectly recorded sound effects to be used to create a sense of space in your compositions or media soundtracks.

Sample Diggers Textural Atmospherics

Textural Atmospherics draws from a wide range of influences and sources to bring you Foley hits, atmospheres, miscellaneous FX, textures and soft sampler patches, all bound to find use in your music to put your sounds into a new context. If you’re forever seeking new sounds to bring excitement and magnificence to your art, then seek no further!

These samples are proven to be excellent in an audio post-production environment, providing a filled out and lush sounding accompaniment for almost any mid-broadcast event. Furthermore, these sounds will work synonymously with ambient, downtempo, soundscape or any other atmospheric genres of music!

Brooding Techno and Textural Atmospherics are available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP and £19.95 GBP, respectively.

More information: Sample Diggers