Sample Logic has launched a new deal in celebration of its 10th anniversary: purchase Bohemian and get Gamelan for free ($349 USD value).

Sample Logic Bohemian Gamelan sale

BOHEMIAN is a diverse collection of 800+ exotic, traditional, and morphed instruments & multis. This fresh and innovative library, performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher Laura Inserra, is derived entirely from recordings of an extensive collection of unique bohemian street and world instruments ranging from Hang Drums and Harmonic Tubes, to Didgeridoo, and beyond.

Compatible with Kontakt Player, GAMELAN weighs in at over 14GB and features a diverse library of 1,700 patches. Explore unlimited possibilities within GAMELAN by combining atmospheres, instrumentals, percussives, and loops within a single, easy ¬to use interface.

Bohemian for Kontakt Player is available for purchase for $299.99 USD. A free copy of Gamelan is only included with a purchase on August 19th, 2016.

More information: Sample Logic