Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars 2

Sample Logic has announced its Cinematic Guitars 2, a suite of over 1200 jaw-dropping instruments and multis that are in no way just another guitar sample library.

In creating a sequel to CG, the designers at Sample Logic went all the way back to the fundamentals of the recording process, where they re-conceived and invented new and clever ways of creating and capturing unique sounds derived entirely from real guitars, a big part of which came from the destruction and mutilation of real guitars during the recording process.

From guitars being chained up, drilled, shattered, sledge hammered, and set on fire to the elegance and pristine air of bowed and prepared guitars, all off which were carefully manipulated and morphed to craft a library that sounds like no other.

Cinematic Guitars 2 features

  • 17+ GB library (direct download only).
  • 1200+ Instruments & Multis.
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, DXi, RTAS (Pro Tools 9 or higher), ASIO, CoreAudio, WASAPI.
  • 64-bit compatible.

Cinematic Guitars 2 will be available as a direct download on October 1st, 2012, priced at MSRP $399.99 USD. A pre-order is now available at $379.99 USD.

More information: Sample Logic