Sample Magic has launched Chiptune, a sample pack featuring Atari-bleeps, retro modded synths and classic circuit-bent sequencing that clash with Grime, Electro and Synth Pop.

The pack offers a nostalgia fuelled collection of lo-fi melodics, bit glitched drum sounds and neon-hued arpeggios harking back to the glory days of Computer Music.

Sample Magic Chiptune

Take a trip back to video game nostalgia with an epic 200 drum-shots and chord stabs in custom Kontakt Instruments, we’ve gone all for ease of use and flexbility in creating your very own old-school beats and melodics in the style of Transylvania and Super Mario Bros.

Inspired by the likes of synthpop pioneers like Crystal Castles and the Klaxons as much as the urban grime sounds of Kano and Boy In Da Corner, expect a solid 400MB+ of the best loop, samples, MIDI and Kontakt instruments a vintage rompler can produce.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £19.90 GBP, with Click & Mix parts also sold separately.

Also released is Retro Guitars, a collection of 110 loops with the sounds of lush, vintage guitars.

Sample Magic Retro Guitars

Soulful licks, grooved chord runs and soaring solos customised for a diverse range of electronic genres. From stomping funk, swinging house and psychedelic disco, dive into a wide range of processed, wah, clean and stemmed loops recorded with classic gear such as a Fender Telecaster w/ Lollar Charlie Christian Pickup and a 1963 Silvering 1429 through a vintage 1965 Ampeg Gemini II amp.

Key-labelled and at tempos 70 – 120bpm there’s a wide range of loops and samples to choose from all recorded through a signal chain of Empirical Labsl Lil Freq EQ, UA Pre-amps and mics like a 1960’s Funberater MD-30. Splice, dice or use these loops as is for instant retro-guitar magic.

Retro Guitars costs £16.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic