Sample Magic Ambient & Chill

Sample Magic has announced the release of its Ambient & Chill sample library.

Hazy melodies, lush organic instrumentals and dusty lo-fi beats form the backbone of Ambient & Chill: an expansive 1.3GB collection subsuming elements of leftfield electronica, chillout and downtempo.

Ambient & Chill features

  • Drum Loops—145 tape-distressd and sepia-toned beats blended from original live breaks, organic percussion, vintage drum machines and obscure found-sound samples. Many offered with variants.
  • Inspiration Loops—17 folders of blissful, fuzzy and dreamlike song-starters broken out into their constituent stems. Synths, basslines, pads, guitars, pianos, atmospheres – they’re all here, key- and tempo-labeled for total ease.
  • Synth & Keys Loops—From tranquil and hazy to sombre and reflective: 54 compelling key-labeled toplines.
  • Music Loops—Rich and complex melodic backing loops dense with real pianos, xylophones, bells, guitars and more. Many offered with variants.
  • Guitar Loops—Fireside acoustics, FX-heavy textures and drifting progressions oozing indie credibility.
  • Percussion Loops—Woodblocks, shakers, classic drum machines and more combine across 59 percussion lines primed for instant layering.
  • Ambience & Found-Sound—Mountain streams, ocean surf, birdsong and urban bustle to breathe life into the mix.
  • Pads & Soundscapes—Synth swells, blurred textures and battered melodics waiting to unfurl.
  • Chords—Re-sampled chord shots oozing lo-fi character and analogue warmth. 77 fine key-labeled hits to inspire unique progressions.
  • Drum Hits—Dive into folders of kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion layered and tweaked from a variety of classic drum machines (including Linn Drum LM1 and Roland TR707) with studio and field recordings.
  • 822 x 24-bit Wav files, 442 x Apple Loops, 442 x Rex2 files, Sampler patches for Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Racks and 6-page digital booklet including producer tips.

The sample library costs £34.90 GBP. Click+Mix packs are also available.

More information: Sample Magic