Samplemodeling Mr. Sax T.

Samplemodeling releases Mr. Sax T., a virtual saxophone instrument powered by Kontakt Player 2.

Yes, it’s true, sample-based, but relying on a completely new technology, developed and patent-pending by Stefano Lucato. The saxophone is probably the most difficult instrument to emulate. Despite several attempts, using different technologies ranging from traditional sampling to sophisticated physical modeling, the results obtained so far fell short of the expectations. This is particularly true if real time use is concerned.

Mr. Sax T. features

  • Synchronous Wave Triggering — uses samples as a base material, chromatically performed by a professional sax player over a very wide dynamic range, and recorded with state-of-the-art technology. The resulting timbre is therefore that of the real instrument.
  • Continuous interpolation among different vectors like time, dynamics, pitch and formants.
  • Advanced real time processing techniques yield realistic legato/portamento, vibrato, ornamentations & trills with phase continuity, constant-formant pitchbends, subharmonics, growl and flutter tongue to be performed in real time.
  • Kontakt Player 2 Virtual Instrument, working either standalone, or as a plugin (no additional sampler or player is needed).

Mr. Sax T. is available now for 119 EUR / $164 USD / 95 GBP (+ VAT, if applicable).

Visit Samplemodeling for more information, a video demonstration and audio demos.