Samplemodeling The Trumpet

Samplemodeling has released version 2.01 of The Trumpet, a Kontakt Player 2 Virtual Instrument.

Since the release of v. 1.01 of The Trumpet, we got extensive feedback from our customers, which proved to be extremely useful to further improve the instrument.
Most requests concerned optimisation for windcontrollers, extended remapping of midi controllers, midi loading of mutes, and additional keyswitch-controlled articulations like doits.

We are happy to announce that all these requests have been fulfilled in version 2.01.

Changes in The Trumpet v2.01

  • Virtually any windcontroller can now be used to play The Trumpet with excellent results.
  • Complete bidirectional GUI mapping of all controllers.
  • More flexible approach to portamento time control.
  • CC-controlled dynamics-to-pitch response.
  • Entirely new Breathcontroller mode, yielding a more real trumpet-like behaviour.

Check the “What’s new” .pdf for detailed information on this update.

Visit Samplemodeling for more information.