Sample Remix Contest: And the winner is…

Step right up! (by master phillip @ Flickr

First of all I would like to thank everyone who entered in this sample remix contest. I’ve released many samples before, but I rarely have an opportunity to hear what people do with them so it’s been absolutely awesome for me.

While some of the melodic themes provided in the sample pack were used in multiple tracks, each still had its own take on them. There were also quite a few entries where the samples were severely chopped up, and processed beyond recognition.

The overall variety and quality of music produced has really surprised me, and I think the contest has been a great success. But, there can only be one winner… and winning by 1 point is:

Jonas the Plugexpert – ik mis je (I miss you in Dutch).

Congratulations to Richard Jonas! Not only do you have the honor of winning the first ever sample remix contest, you will also be getting the amazing Ohm Force ALL-ALL bundle.

Now I know I said there could only be one winner but there are some more prizes to give away, thanks to our generous friends from Ohm Force.

The ALL-FX Bundle goes to André James Houghton for his song Duck Walk while Paul Hoda‘s I told you takes the ALL-Disto Bundle or ALL-Filters Bundle. Well deserved guys!

After counting all the votes, this is what the top 10 looks like*:

  1. Jonas the Plugexpert – ik mis je
    This was probably my favorite. I love the sound and the melodies, something I can listen to for hours.
  2. André James Houghton – Duck Walk
    Another one of my favorites. Great original idea and excellent production.
  3. Paul Hoda – I told you
    Sounds like something you could hear in a club. Well done!
  4. 3am – Winter Drought
    I thought Justin was going to end in the top 3 with this one, awesome track.
  5. 337 – Rhetoric
    One of the best tracks staying close to the original melodic samples in my opinion, very smooth.
  6. Ad-Ex Machina – God Hates the Working Man
    Excellent track, harsh and warm at the same time.
  7. bl4xun – rekkerd con
    In your other track I couldn’t really find a track of any of the samples, while this one seems to have them all. Most beautiful.
  8. rauschen440 – Nightflight
    Starts off with familiar samples but transforms into your own sound, lovely mellow!
  9. runagate – Futz Schmucks Überber
    FX wizardry like no other. This is stunning, but probably not easy to digest for everyone so I’m glad to see you still made the top 10.
  10. TommyG – Dream Walker
    Mixing the melodies effortlessly with your own, I can tell you’re a real synth guy.

Thanks again everyone for participating in this contest! I’ve truly enjoyed listening to each and every single one your tracks. It’s been a great experience and I will surely do another sample remix contest in the near future.

One more thing… To thank you all for your efforts, Ohm Force is offering each contestant a 40% discount on any Ohm Force product *or* bundle.

If you’d like to make use of this offer, you’ll have to create an Ohm Force account if you don’t have one already, and email me your username so we can take care of the rest.


* In retrospect I believe it would’ve been better to only let participants vote, so I opted for a weighted voting system of 3:1 (participant/non-participant). It didn’t actually make much of a difference for the top 10 but I didn’t know that before I chose to do this.

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Big congrats to winner :) and to all of you, also big thanks to Roniie for this nice contest:)


Nice contest…very funny…
congratulations to Jonas the Plugexpert and to other partecipants…

a special thanks to Paul Hoda, Andrew Thomson, Ad-Ex Machina and Deljuan Ramirez for having vote me..thank U

…hey Ronnie when the next contest!!?


Congratulations to Jonas ;) And thanks to Ronnie and all participants ;)


Congratulations André, Paul and Jonas!

Thanks to the Ohmies for leading with the carrot and to ronnie for goading me into making a song I love (8^}>

…and getting me a new 3am track!

Richard Jonas (plugexpert)
Richard Jonas (plugexpert)

Wow! really didn’t expect to win this! Cheers to everybody that voted for me! Those plugins will be put to good use :)

*happy happy joy joy*


+ special thnx to Ronnie!


Congrats guys!! great contest all around.

Any chance I can use the 40% discount with the 50% student discount? Probably not…

See you guys around next time and thanks again Ronnie.


Congrats to Richard, Andre & Paul. Well done to everyone else, including me :), great comp very enjoyable. Thanks to Ronnie for setting it up/running it.

Bring on the next one!



Great job everyone. Congratz to all the winnerz. Bring on the next contest!!


P.S. If anyone is still interested in the compilation album and would like to contribute their track,plz email me… I’m sure we can come up with something. THANX. RekkerdRemixVol.1 maybe?! Plus we can come up with a album cover also. Creative Commonz License* cOmaRecOrdz ’08


Compliments to everyone and the winners!
Any chance Richard, André or Paul are willing to tell about how they set to work on this and which tools they used? Think it’ll be very interesting.

Soul Scientist: Great idea. I’ll send ye an e-mail. Just to be clear: CCL means it’s free of charge and free of use, except commercial use, right?

Looking forward to the next contest :) By far this one has been much better then those on

Andre Houghton
Andre Houghton

Congrats to Jonas and Paul! Thanks to everyone I am totally stoked! I don’t think my heart has pumped that hard in a long time!!

Teister i’m more than happy to give a run down of the madness which created my funny little track. I’ll write something up in the next few days.

Thanks again to Ronnie and all the other entrants!

One of the best things about this comp was getting to hear everyone’s personality imposed upon the sample set, really really great.



Congrats to the winners. All that can be said has been said. Great contest, I´m looking forward to the next. I suppose next time it will be more difficult to win, because of increasing number of participants. But I´ll be there again. :)


Yes, congrats to the winners.I was sure the track ikmis je would be on the top of the result bench.
And thanks to homforce for the discount !
(Is the offer time-limited or can we still take advantage of it later , I dont know let say…in five years for exemple ^^ )

Green Force
Green Force

We knew we’d be glad to sponsor Rekkerd’s contest. It was nicely done – with the same top quality level of the whole blog;

And the top 10 tracks KICK ASS.

I’m sure you’ve spent several summer hours composing them, shame on you!! bunch of music addicts

You’d better be outside getting burnt during the day and listening to some radio-style eurotrance at beach nightclubs in the evening !!! Won’t you??


My voting resultz.

1st-Jonas The Plugexpert



Can’t wait for the next one Ronnie!!


Andre Houghton
Andre Houghton

Ahhh, I knew I forgot something… MASSIVE THANKS to Ohmforce for supporting the comp and offering up wicked prizes of their super plugins!!!

Cheers Guys!

Paul Hoda
Paul Hoda

Thank you all for the suport,
And for TESTER, yes, I’ willing to tell about how I set to work on this and which tools I used.
I used the samples in Reason, within NNXT sampler, Redrum sampler, and with a lot of eq-s and effects.



When do you plan to do a new comp?