Sample Tools by Cr2 Drum Hits

Sample Tools by Cr2 has announced Drum Hits, a sample pack featuring the finest meticulously crafted drum hits to use across the spectrum of electronic genres.

Tired of struggling with blurred transients, flabby kick tails and drums which do not cut through the mix? Do you crave the kind of sounds that slot right into mix taking care of themselves allowing you to concentrate on all the other aspects of your production. Struggle no further with Drum Hits.

We have included 615 drum hits including fat as hell kicks, punchy snares, shimmering cymbals incl. open and closed hats, crashes and rides, percussion hits and finger snaps. We also include a 22 min Prod-Cast video tutorial delving into the mysteries the big room kick. In this video we go through a step by step guide to combining a punchy attack with a huge tuned tail to create big room kicks which hit in all the right places!

We also give you a bonus video with Mike Monday, who is responsible for helping music producers all around the world boost their studio output!

Drum Hits features

  • 1.1 GB of total content.
  • Includes 100 claps, 90 closed hats, 40 crashes, 45 open, 56 rides, 108 kicks + 12 bonus tuned kick tails, 44 percussion hits, 20 snaps, 100 snares.
  • Prod-Cast Video tutorial.
  • Booklet containing tips and tricks.
  • Video with productivity guru Mike Monday.

The pack is available for purchase for £15.99 GBP.

More information: Sample Tools by Cr2 / Drum Hits