SampleBasement Thor Sounds Vol. 3

SampleBasement has released Thor Sounds Vol. 3, the third and final version of its Thor Sounds ReFill series.

Thor Sounds Vol.3 brings you a wealth of sounds for Reason 4. Included are 406 Thor patches and 172 Combinators. Aimed at the modern dance producer with a diverse and up to date set of sounds and sequences. My Gift to the Reason community.

Thor Sounds Vol. 3 features

  • 406 Thor patches: from deep growling basses to rich pads and everything in between. A lot of sequenced patches (instrumental & percussive) round of this collection.
  • 172 Combinator patches: using multiple instances of Thor and patched up with Reason’s sound processors. You’ll find layered basses, soaring leads, moving textures and much more.
  • Includes GrooveBox patches: multiple sequences which together form a complete loop.
  • Sounds suited for modern dance styles (House, Electro, Techno, Trance, Etc).
  • Patches are categorized neatly in a folder for each sound type. All the patches from the previous version have again been included and updated where necessary.

Thor Sounds Vol. 3 is available as a free download.

Visit SampleBasement for more information.