Samplecraze Kritikal Drums - Killer Dance Drums

Samplecraze has released Kritikal Drums – Killer Dance Drums, a collection of drum samples.

There are drums and there are drums and what distinguishes one drum sample pack from another is originality. If what you want are the standard run of the mill dance drum samples then it’s best to leave this page now but if you have been yearning for some uniquely edited and designed drum samples then I can guarantee that this pack will spoil you.

450 drum samples broken down into 150 kicks, 150 snares and claps and 150 hi hats.

The idea and approach for the sound design remit on this pack was simple: Layering
Almost every single drum sample has been layered with one or even two complimentary drum samples and then processed heavily with EQ and compression to allow for serious ‘heavy’ mangling. Additionally, these samples have undergone phase shifting with some having their polarities inverted. This has allowed for the samples to be stretched to be bigger and wider but without sacrificing the stereo field integrity. Widening drum sounds is an art and too much can collapse the stereo image and too little can negate the whole process. Finding a balance whereby the drum sample sits in its own space but does not dominate the whole song is quite a task but I feel we have achieved this at Samplecraze.

Kritikal Drums – Killer Dance Drums is available to purchase for £9.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze