Bedroom Producers Blog has announced that Samplefino’s bundle of analog drum sample libraries is now free to download, exclusively from its website.

A $29 USD value, the bundle includes the Analogue Drums Samples collection of 1,135 drum sounds resampled from a TASCAM 244 Portastudio four-track recorder, an old Saba tape deck, a couple of tube preamps, and the DYNACORD Echocord Mini tape delay unit.

Users of the full version of Kontakt can also enjoy Analogue Kick Drum, a kick generator instrument that also MFB-522 drum machine as the sound source.

MFB-522 was my first analog drum machine, and I absolutely love it. It’s an 808 clone packed in a tiny ultra-portable chassis. Looking at this miniature drum machine, you’d never assume it can deliver such deep analog bass sounds. But it does. I wholeheartedly recommend getting one if you want to add some 808-style hardware to your studio.

The bundle is free to download at Bedroom Producers Blog.

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