Sampleism has released The Bandoneon, a 700 MB dynamic instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt by Argentinian film composer Guillermo Guareschi.

The Bandoneón is a type of concertina popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays an essential role in the orquesta típica, the tango orchestra. This particular Bandoneón was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the renowned composer Guillermo Guareschi. It is a “Premier” Bandoneón with a sweet and very expressive sound.

The Bandoneon features

  • The recordings were all made at 24 bits 48Khz.
  • Each note was sampled with 3 velocity layers (Piano, Mezzo-Forte, Forte).
  • Lots of interesting articulations were also recorded in detail and each style is playable on it’s own or with other articulations.
  • User interface provides complete control over various parameters and articulations.

The Bandoneon is available to purchase for a one week introductory price of £9.99 GBP (regular £17 GBP).

More information: Sampleism